Jail Broken Apps


JailBroken apps is a central directory of applications that are only available for jailbroken iPhones. Even since the launch of the App Store, there is an increasing community of developers building applications for jailbroken iPhones only and thisis where you can find information about them. Choose a featured application below or search for a tag or specific application using the search field above. Enjoy.



Bring Skype, Google Talk, MSN, Yahoo, AIM and more to your iPhone,with the VoIP capabilities being the most exciting.

Developer: Fring

Tags: skype, google talk, msn, yahoo ...


colloQ IRC Client

Bring Internet Relay Chat (IRC) to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Developer: mbr4nes

Tags: irc, network


NES Emulator

Just can’t live without some original Legend of Zelda goodness in your life? This 8-bit Nintendo emulator may be just what the ...

Developer: stepwhite

Tags: iphone, NES, Emulator, Game



iPhysics is a physics engine that allows you to build your own physics-based iphone game.

Developer: iphysics.r4m0n.net

Tags: physics, game, engine